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George A. Christodoulou

George Christodoulou - Indianapolis, IN Real EstateCarpenter Realtors®
8901 S Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Direct Line: 317-887-6238 x244
Mobile: 317-341-4503


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I have been with Carpenter Realtors for fifteen years starting with my days as Performance Analyst compiling monthly sales and financial reports, moving on to managing office equipment and then to my current role as Information Technology Manager. I’ve grown along with Carpenter from the days of dot-matrix printers and dial-up modems to today’s tech-intensive arena.

In my spare time (ha!) I enjoy family time, golfing and vacationing in Greece.

Professional Testimonials:

“George was always open and a clear communicator of needs and expectations. George always showed due dilegence in providing his company and end users with the best IT solutions to keep them productive and up and running. George’s ability to be an out of the box thinker and partnering attitude allowed me to best service his company by understanding all aspects of his company’s IT enviroment, current and projected. Throughout the years a true rapport was built and I not only consider George a great client, but also a true friend.”

Wendy L Westfall, Account Manager, CDW was a consultant or contractor to George at Carpenter Realtors


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